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introducing - Partner


Traders come Forex Brokers

INTRODUCING BROKER Partner with Milliva Ltd to refer customers to our award winning retail trading brands and earn as they trade.



Promote FX and CFDs to Your Customer.


Customer Applies Online Through a Fully Tracked form.


Earn Us Your Customers Trade.


Save Your Revenue Grow Using Our Partner Portal.
Milliva - Introduce Partner


Benefits for introducing brokers

Benefits for introducing brokers:

Introduce your Customer to 3500+ FX and CFD Markets.

Benefits From Award winning Trading Platforms,Plus MT5.

Choose from generous Compensation Models

Track Your Growth with Our easy to use Partner Portal.

Attractive compensation plan for IBs

The more your customers trade, the more you can earn. We have a number of generous compensation models to choose from.

Real-time monitoring & reporting

Keep up to date with your commission payments and your customers' trading activity with our easy-to-use partner portal.

Partner with a Safe and Secure provider you can trust

Milliva Ltd incorporated in the UK and we strive to meet the highest standards of governance and transparency.

Get started in days

No mountains of paperwork to sign or difficult IT implementation required.

No upfront investment

Our introducing broker program is a straightforward way to earn a steady revenue stream, without adding to your cost base.

Fast on-boarding

We provide fully automated online account opening, plus free demo accounts for your customers.

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