What Documents need to open a Forex Account

Open Trading Account

Documents are submitted for the purpose of identification and verification ;

To Open a Forex Account, standard identification requirement for private persons is typically determined by the customer’s circumstances and the product type being traded in, i.e. the amount of risk assigned to the goods, whether it is a reduced risk, intermediate risk, or higher risk product.

The information acquired must be verified using reputable and independent sources, which might be documentation created by the client, documents generated electronically by the company, or a mix of the two. Firms should view originals of any papers involved in the verification if commerce is performed face-to-face.

If documented proof of an individual’s identification is to be trusted, it should have been provided by a government department or agency, or by a court, because the authorities are more likely to have checked the presence and features of the individuals in question.

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How to Open a Forex Trading Account

To open account in forex market one must provide proper government issued documents. It will be used for verification purposes. Any valid government issued document that incorporates your details such as :

1. your full name 2. Your permanent 3. residential address

Submit photograph of any government id such as:

1.Passport 2. National identity card

Alternatively, a non-photographic government-issued document that includes the customer’s complete name and is accompanied by a second document that includes:

1.Customer full name 2.Residential address

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