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Trading Mentors

Trading Mentor : The forex market is one of the most powerful and reliable investment vehicles available in the financial industry. A growing number of people are interest in learning how to trade forex. As a result, the question of how to begin forex trading arises.

What am I suppose to do now? and What information do I require? and What do I need to be able to do this? How much money is require to get things start? How do you make money? These are typical among rookie traders, and even experienced traders have difficulty comprehending some of the fundamentals of trading.

Best Forex Mentorship

Mentorship, like every other business and financial opportunity, cannot be emphasize. Get answers to your concerns about buying and selling in the foreign exchange market. From a forex tutor who has a proven track record of success and loss.

A tutor would walk you through the theoretical, technical, tactical, and mental tactics involved in forex trading. So that you may approach forex with the right mindset. A tutor may also assist you. In remaining optimistic and consistent, creating the appropriate goals, and becoming a consistently profitable trader.

What is Forex Trading Mentors?

Newcomers to the industry are frequently victims of flitting from one thing to the next. In an attempt to make progress, and they frequently wind up being mislead. Before they realize they need to be counsel and steer, the damage is done. A mentor is a teacher, advisor, and buddy who helps you learn about trade.

He draws on his own experiences in the currency market. To give you the fundamental tools and abilities you’ll need to succeed. Also, He uses a combination of his prior successes. And disappointments to help you get on the correct track to success. Also, He can assist you in determining which trading approach is best for you.

Trading Mentord – Explained

Mentees use the same forex trading tools, ideas, and analysis as their tutors to apply their tutor’s patterns. Being tutor allows you to save time on time-consuming and ineffective research and reading through unproductive resources. Your tutor’s mission, and the core of Mentorship, is to support. In order to you in achieving your objectives by providing you with the resources and expertise you require.

Our article will introduce you to some of the top mentors accessible. These mentors have proved their technical and fundamental abilities over time. As well as their reputations for assisting their mentees or students in achieving good and consistent financial results.

They’re also known for providing undeniably high-quality instruction and sharing ideas. Aims at assisting their pupils and clients in achieving favourable outcomes and establishing themselves as traders.

Top 5 Best Forex Trading Mentors

Ezekiel Chew (Asia Forex Mentor)

Vladimir Ribakov (Traders Academy Club)

Andrew Mitchem (The Forex Trading Coach)

Marc Walton (ForexMentorPro)

Nick Siyek (A1 Trading Company)


Chew is the founder and CEO of Asian top Forex Mentor a training organisation in Singapore found in 2008. His mentorship is as one of the best, and it all began when he taught his pals how to trade. Over time, the small group of buddies he coach grow. Evolve into what is now known as the Asia forex mentor group.


He is a forex coach, investor, and advisor on business acquisitions and expansion. Chew’s Asia forex mentoring includes unrivalled tactics. To organize Asia’s premier forex education and forex trading organization with a strong presence in Asia. The United States, and the United Kingdom.

In addition, Asia forex mentor has built partnerships with respected clients such as banks and other forex trading institutions. If you’re a beginning, intermediate. Or expert trader looking to grow and diversify your portfolio, Asian Forex Mentor’s ROI-focus trading methodology is a good fit.

In order to make learning more comprehensive and accessible. To as many people as possible, Ezekiel Chew created an online course called “one core program”. The training is comprehensive in that it assists traders in gaining critical knowledge. The course also teaches how to correctly identify trading strategies and chart patterns. As well as forex trading tools and chart interpretation, and how to increase a live account over time.


Trade management methods, chart reading, trading skills improvements, trading strategy building, risk-reward ratio components/risk management. And Ezekiel Chew’s MT4 setup are all covered in the one core curriculum. His techniques, trading methods, and market outlook are all reflected in his lessons.

The authenticity of the Asia top Forex mentorship program is pledge and reviewed by renowned organizations and institutions. Asia forex mentor’s one core course name the finest trading mentoring by Benzinga, a prominent financial news portal. Ezekiel Chew’s mentorship program name is the finest all-inclusive top forex course provided by Investopedia.

The world’s largest source of financial education. His Mentorship consists of 26 full-length classes with over 60 subtopics. All of which are accompanied by a studio-quality internet video. Each video includes examples and interpretations chosen by Chew himself. The total cost of the bundle was $997.

However, for the sake of openness and to get a sense of what you’re getting into without spending any money. He offers a free five-lesson trial for students to try out the Asia top Forex Mentor program.


Additionally, students have the option of enrolling in the Golden Eye Group, a value-oriented proprietary program. You have access to Chew’s membership inner trading area once you pay and become a member. Students may see his weekly chart review and trade settings.

As well as explanations and interpretations of his trading setups, trading techniques, and how he places his trades. As well as his take profit and stoploss levels. Depending on your degree of dedication. There’s a good possibility you’ll get good value for your money while he’s in charge.

The Asia forex mentorship is design for traders who want to improve their trading skills by learning the fundamentals. Traders who want to learn how to trade forex from the ground up can benefit from Ezekiel Chew’s Mentorship. Without a question, he is one of the best forex instructors around. Additional information about Chew and his teaching arrangement seen his website,


Ribakov is a top mentor in forex trading as financial technician, a professional trader, and a trading coach. He is the founder of the Traders Academy Group, a well-known trading club. He also runs a blog where he offers his trading strategies. Trading educational articles, and the technical forex trading tools he employs.

In 2011, he founded “Vladimir’s forex signals and mentorship club”. Which provides traders with trustworthy trade signals to assist them develop their accounts.

The club develops tremendously, and in 2014. Guest traders add to the system, and the name of the club was change to “Traders Academy Club”. Education and best practices, trade ideas, chart interpretation, and daily live. Top forex trading room sessions are all goals of the club.

Vladimir has been trading for over a decade, having begun as a young student enthralled by the financial markets. He has trained and coached over 3,000 students. Bringing value to their lives and assisting them in generating cash and earning a life through forex trading.


His exact trade pattern and the practical impacts his tutelage has on his students. It have made him a popular figure in the industry. His Trading Academy Club is an online resource for serious traders. Who have demonstrated a strong desire to win in the market.

You would be expose to the appropriate knowledge as a club member in order to enhance your talents. In order to a higher level. Members of the club are also given the skills and knowledge. They need to avoid typical mistakes made by traditional traders. And to equip them with practical technical, basic, and psychological techniques.

The fee of a year’s membership in the club is $197. If you pay to activate your membership. You’ll gain access to a large media zone with hundreds of recorded webinars for both novice and expert traders. Trade evaluation recordings and live trading session recordings are also includes.

There is also a live chat room. Where members may communicate with Vladimir 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The live trading sessions via webinar, which last 30-50 minutes each day, are the most important element of the training. During the sessions, you’ll get signals and extensive chart analysis, as well as explanations and interpretations for each advised trade.

If you want to have a long-term and profitable trading career, Vladimir Ribakov and his Traders Academy club are advise. Additional information about Ribakov and his academy seen on his website,


Andrew is a top mentor in forex trading. He is a full-time trader and the founder of “The Forex Trading Coach,”. A company dedicated to teaching traders how to become self-sufficient and prosperous traders.

The company has been in operation for more than six years, having clients in 52 countries around the world. The forex trading coach is focus on providing value and high-quality content. It is consider one of the best Mentorships accessible.


His Mentorship demonstrates his passion and willingness to assist other traders. In achieving trading success. He created and manages his mentorship program entirely on his own. Andrew connects with his mentees on a personal level and offers tailored assistance as needed.

The mentorship program is intend to keep traders from emptying their accounts. By training and equipping them with the technical tools they need to trade profitably and consistently over time.

When you sign up for the course. You’ll receive a series of emails from him. These emails contain instructions on how to begin working with him as a mentor. One of the emails you’d receive, for example, would include a crucial PDF that outlines the fundamentals of trading.

This PDF’s deliverables include information on how forex works, profit and loss calculations. How to create correct predictions to boost your profits. The PDF introduces you to programs. Tools that make trading more calculative and simple, as well as how to use them.


Andrew’s mentorship focuses on candlestick analysis in Japan. It gives a deep description of the chart. Utilising candlestick indications and suggestions. He’s more of a personal trainer. And his mentorship system is set up such that mentees can easily reach out to him, and he can easily reach out to his clients.

He routinely uses webinars to instruct his trainees as well as share potential trade entries. You will also receive an email with a link to a “desk support” website once you have subscribed. Almost majority of your questions can be answered at the desk help.

Andrew Mitchem’s years of experience and success in forex trading are obvious. And his mentoring skills are incredibly effective and life-changing. His Mentorship is competitively price, and he provides regular live sessions with the top forex trading coach.

As a result, you’ll always have access to highly concentrated resources with a distinct trading style. Andrew Mitchem great fit for you if you prefer a more personal trainer.

Those who desire to be technical traders will benefit from his trading system. Additional information about Mitchem and his business seen on his website,


Marc is a top mentor in forex trading well-known FX trader. With more than 30 years of expertise in the financial markets and in business growth. He is also a professional forex trader and coach who works from home. Marc began in 2002 (19 years ago) and lost almost $20,000 in three years before making considerable progress in 2005. Since then, he has continued to trade remotely for a hedge fund and clients with huge cash.

He now uses his holdings to co-manage a significant amount of money from clients. In 2009, he launched the “Forex Mentor Pro” online coaching program. Over 1000’s of students have been trained to consistently profitable trading using the coaching program. He also provides private teaching to anyone who want to be professional traders.

His adventure as a coach began in 2008, when he taught a few buddies how to trade. He first chronicled his findings and shared them with them, and then, in the early days of Twitter. He offered viewers ideas and assistance. All of these parts were put together by him and eventually grew into his online traders Forex Mentor Pro program.


Since its beginning, he has maintained a global network of over 10,000 people. In the realm of foreign currency trading, Forex Mentor Pro stands out. It is both a trading indication and a technical tool, in addition to being a coaching setup. Marc and his team claim.

That their program does not teach mentees about chart structures, but rather how to turn successful analysis into reality. Marc’s tutoring is further distinguished by the fact that he has enlisted the help of other currency experts. As a result, the curriculum equips mentees with a variety of trading techniques for each of the trading gurus. Marc left full-time trading in the spring of 2020 and now focuses his energies on running Forex Mentor Pro.

The curriculum is appropriate for beginners because it is tailored to those who are new to the foreign exchange market. Provisions are established, however, allowing traders of various skill levels and experience to supplement their existing knowledge. Additional information about Marc and his mentorship group can be found on his website,


Nick is a top mentor in forex trading. He is a YouTube influencer. Also entrepreneur, and investor with over 150,000 subscribers on YouTube, 42,000 Instagram followers, and 2000 Facebook fans. He is also the founder of A1 Trading, a financial media company that provides traders with market coverage and services.

He has always been a business visionary with a strong interest in social media. These variables combined led to his “big break,”. Which came when his YouTube channel, “TraderNick,”. Swiftly gained a considerable following in the foreign exchange and stock market industries.

His channel chronicles his career as a yening trader, including his trials and accomplishments. Nick has published numerous videos of his trading journey, demonstrating both the positive and negative aspects of forex trading. As the channel grew in popularity, he hired people to help him improve the quality of his content. The team has now established a full-time office in Atlanta, Georgia.


He grew his firm from a personal brand to a media corporation brand as he advanced. As a result, A1 Trading Company shares financial coverage throughout all of their profiles and pages. From articles to social media posts.

Nick and his team of traders and content developers have been sharing trading tips. And predictions with their large community of followers up until now. Their goal is to make a difference in the financial business by demonstrating. Their confidence in a methodical approach to building wealth in a controlled manner.

A1 Trading also boasts one of the fastest growing online trading networks, enlisting expert traders from around the world to keep their audience up to date on market developments. Additional information about Nick, as well as links to his social media pages and YouTube channel, may be found on his YouTube channel and other social media accounts.

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