Simple and Easy Guide to Install MetaTrader5 for Your Windows

Install - MT5

MetaTrader 5:

MetaTrader5 for your Windows – MetaTrader 5 is the newest addition to the MetaQuotes trading platform family, and it is a multi-asset platform that provides Irish Forex traders with an unrivalled trading experience. Milliva Ltd’s MT5 trading platform for Windows is a multi-asset trading platform that allows you to trade Forex, indices, metals, and commodities all in one location.

How to Install Metatrader 5 for Windows:

Step 1: Double-click the “installation file” (click here) you just downloaded. Reference

Step 2: Please read the License Agreement carefully. Check the box next to if you agree. “Yes”, I agree to the entire license agreement’s conditions. Click next.

Step 3: Select the installation folder for the software. Click next if you wish to utilize the suggested folder. If not, go to Browse, choose a folder, and then click next.

Step 4: Select a group from the Programs menu in the next window. Next should selected.

Step 5: To install the MetaTrader trading platform, “click next”. If you need to make any changes, “click back”. All you have to do now is wait for the application todownload and install” on your computer.

Step 6: After the MetaTrader platform installation is complete, you may launch it by choosing Launch MetaTrader, then Finish.

Once you have successfully downloaded MetaTrader5 in your windows, follow these instructions for better trading.

Install MetaTrader5 for Your Windows
Install MetaTrader5 for Your Windows

Create an Account in MT5:

After you’ve downloaded MetaTrader 5 successfully follow these instruction to create account and trade in MetaTrader 5

Configure the Platform:

Setting up MT5 is identical to setting up MT4.

Start trading on MT5.

Market Orders : How to Open and Close Them

Place a Market Order

The New Order command found in the menu bar or by choosing Tools New Order. A new window will open when you click New Order. Alternatively, you may access the New Order window by double-clicking on any symbol in the Market Watch area.

Choose your preferred symbol, transaction size, Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. If you want to know what sort of execution used, go under Type. The execution type determined automatically based on the instrument you select and your account type.

To place the order, click Buy or Sell.


In the Trade tab of the Toolbox area that runs down the bottom of the platform, double-click on the order you wish to close.

Close Position should clicked.

You may also right-click on your order and select Close Position. Another straightforward method is to just click the x next to your order in the Trade tab.

That’s all. Your order completed.

Modify/Delete a Pending Order:

Right-click on a pending order in the Trade tab.

Click the Modify/Delete button.

Price, SL, TP, and Expiration are the fields that may be changed if you wish to. When you’re finished, click Modify.

To erase your pending order, simply select the Delete option.

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