15 Inspirational Quotes for Traders

Quotes for Traders

Without a doubt the best way to learn any skill is to study those who have been already succeeded in that, then you can understand it much better. Quotes for Traders related to trading like ones found below can be valuable.

It is not sure that just by reading this successful trading quotes you cannot succeed in trading. Study and apply the lessons which you learnt from this quotes. You will be in much better position to succeed. All the financial markets like Forex,stock will be in the same way to learn.

Some of the legendary traders  have left a trail of clues for us to trade. Without doubt, the best way to learn about any skill is to know about the tactics and statics. Which they followed to get succeed in trading. Here you will have Fifteen most insightful quotes related to trading from some of the worlds top most traders.

Limit your size in any position so that fear does not become the prevailing instinct guiding your judgment.

Joe Vidich in his opinion the reason for 90% of traders fail is they get emotionally compromised. What do you think about the reason for traders surrender to emotions? Of course, the fear of losing money. Before trading keep this in mind that to mitigate fear and think logically until you are 100% comfortable with loosing.

“There is no single market secret to discover, no single correct way to trade the markets. Those seeking the one true answer to the markets haven’t even gotten as far as asking the right questions,let alone getting the right answer.

Joe Vidich
Joe Vidich

Jack Schwager- Mainly tells us about the most misunderstood aspect of trading. Myth among traders that there is certain magical formula that will yield most profit with the least amount of drawdown.

It takes many years to become profitable trader. Because you should only discover the best way which suits you,nobody else will do it for you. And this is the main reason it takes many years of hard work and dedication to become a profitable trader.

The hard work in trading comes in the preparation.The actual process of trading, however, should be effortless.

Jack Schwager
Jack Schwager

If you want to become a best trader it requires some effort. It doesn’t mean trading is easy, it is far from it. As like this quote, the hard work is in the preparation. Before becoming profitable trader it seems like effortless. You have to put in the screen time to make it so. In trading you should work hard to things happen which you wish.

My attitude is that I always want to be better prepared than someone I’m competing against. The way I prepare myself is by doing my work each night.

In trading every winning trade there must be a losing one and vice versa, In financial markets every gain is balanced by a loss or every loss is balanced by gain. From this quote Marty Schwartz tells us that you should be prepared better than your competitors.

So it doesn’t mean that in each and every day you should come with attitude that you need to make more money than other market participants. In fact, thinking like this will get you in trouble faster than you tell this word.

However at the end of the day, every time you sell or buy there will be someone out there doing the exact opposite. Simply said you should put more time and effort than those you are against if you wish to succeed.

Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Marty Schwartz
Marty Schwartz

Steve Clark says that the majority of the traders actually never sit down to analyze their winners and losers, the only way to know what works and what doesn’t is to reflect on past occurrences. So taking your success and failures as same, you may be surprised by what you have learn.

I just wait until there is money lying in the corner, and all I have to do is go over there and pick it up. I do nothing in the meantime.

Steve Clark
Steve Clark

Jim Rogers says that staying flat and waiting for the most favorable opportunities, but until that I will not do any practices or hard work will never workout in trading. You should have proper plan and consistent practice to become a successful trader. Unless if you wait for a perfect time to trade until waiting for that particular chance will not helps in trading.

If most traders would learn to sit on their hands 50 percent of the time, they would make a lot more money.

Jim rogers
Jim rogers

If you are trading for 4 hours a day and in daily charts, you may get one or two trade setups per week that are worth the risk. You cannot have a potential profits without the associated risk, and if you are trading in between the two always you should think about the yourself a risk before thinking about profit potential from any one setup.

If a trader is motivated by the money, then it is the wrong reason. A truly successful trader has got to be involved and into the trading, the money is the side issue..The principal motivation is not the trapping of success. It’s usually the by product simply stated”, “the game’s the thing”.

Passion is the only thing that will motivates you to keep on going when the things get tough which you doing. And most importantly the road to become as a consistently profitable trader is undoubtedly tough.

You should avoid thinking like how much money one can expect to make in a given month, is not good for a trader, and the risk of being overly straightforward. If your aim is only to make money in trading, it will not take you very far.

Don’t worry about what the markets are going to do, worry about what you are going to do in response to the markets.

As traders, we are in the reacting of business. It’s one of the few professions where it pays to follow rather than lead. By allowing the market to make the first move, we can play defense while at the same time exploiting market inefficiencies.

It’s not whether you’re right or wrong that’s important, it’s how much money you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong.

As George Soros said, what’s important is how much you make when you’re right and how much you lose when you’re wrong. For example at the end of the month you ended up with 7 losing trades and only 3 winning trades. So for you win rate of the month was 30% which would equate to an unprofitable month according to conventional wisdom.

Win or lose, everybody gets what they want from the market. Some people seem to like to lose, so they win by losing money.

George Soros
George Soros

Ed Seykota said that some traders are there own worst enemy,even it is true for most of the traders. Some traders will do risk too much in trading markets, trade too often and will not do enough home work before putting money at risk. What even more worse is they will feed off of the bad habits they develop, that will create them a loss. The same will sometimes happen in our lives like we will have certain goals but rather focusing in our goals we will create bad habits that will destroy all our goals and your life too.

Don’t focus on making money, focus on protecting what you have.

Ed Seykota
Ed Seykota

So many traders were obsessed with making money in trading, can you really call yourself a trader if you are not making money in the markets? It is quiet easy to lose money and twice as hard to make it back. Simply 50% loss of trading capital requires 100% gain to recoup said losses.

I know where i’m getting out before I get in.

Clarity of mind is more important if you intend to become a successful trader. Simply know the exact level at which you intend to close your position should the market move against you, but do so before hand. Once you have money at risk, the line between logical and emotional decision making becomes blurred. So make a clear plan before you make trading.

There is the pain fool, who does the wrong thing at all times every where, but there is the wall  street fool, who thinks he must trade all the time.

Being a successful trader is not about putting on trades, it is about not trading at all. Its about protecting the capital in your account and waiting days or sometimes weeks for the perfect moment to strike. It is compulsary to trade at all the time.

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