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If you’re anything like a trading addict and forex podcast will help you better. The finest trading books, trading tools, trading interviews and documentaries, and best trading educators are all in high demand.

Well, I’m happy to add a new type of trading materials to your list: the finest trading podcasts!

There aren’t many trading podcasts out there. But I’ve come across a couple that I listen to on a regular basis and find quite useful as a forex trader.

Here is the list, without further ado. 5 forex podcast for all traders

1. Chat With Traders

Aaron Fifield’s Chat with Traders is ranked first.

This podcast has quickly risen to become the world’s most influential trading podcast. This is the modern-day counterpart to the Market Wizards franchise.

Instead of just reading about the exploits and experiences of well-known and highly successful traders. We now have the opportunity to listen to the interviews in their entirety. Complete with all of the emotional and personal complexity.

Aaron’s show features a diverse range of traders. From high-frequency algo programmers to discretionary click-traders from the retail and proprietary trading worlds.

He spoke with current and former bankers. Wolf of Wall Street-style wild boys and ex-criminals like Turney Duff and Michael Kimelman, brokers, trading psychologists like Brett Steenbarger, hedge fund managers, prop firm founders, and world-class traders like Steve Burns, Adam Grimes, Nick Radge, Mike Bellafiore, Jack Schwager, Peter Brandt, Blair Hull, John Moulton, and Kevin Muir.

If you’re serious about learning everything. There is to know about trading the markets and you enjoy listening to podcasts, this one is for you.

2. The Trading Coach Podcast

The Trading Coach Podcast is a forex podcast, hosted by Akil Stokes, is ranked second.

Akil is a full-time forex trader and trading coach who guides new and struggling retail traders toward market success.

He has stock trading and investing experience, but his specialty is FX trading. The podcast is chock-full of extremely useful information. Its regarding the trading business and what it takes to succeed in the markets.

Akil’s charting tutorials and trading ideas are available on YouTube, but on his podcast. He prefers to focus on the background factors of success, not only in trading but in life in general.

The most important lessons that Akil imparts on the podcast aren’t even related to trading. He covers a lot of ground. When it comes to real estate and investment properties. As well as how to create your own trading firm and make more self-empowering decisions in your daily life.

All of this adds up to help you succeed as a trader in the long run.

Trading is more than just being able to spot opportunities and act on them regularly. The ultimate goal is to achieve financial and personal independence and maturity. Which necessitates the development of discipline and adaptable abilities in all aspects of your life.

Beyond your technical skills at analysis. Akil’s focus is on psychology, health and fitness, growth mentality, personal finance, and all the other crucial peripheral components that go into your success as a trader.

This podcast will offer you an advantage and provide you an insight. Into the mind-set and mentality required to become a great trader and entrepreneur.

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3. Always Free Podcast

Then there’s Jason Graystone’s amazing Always Free Podcast is a forex podcast.

This is a podcast that was started by Akil Stokes’ business partner in 2019. Jason and Akil share many of the same financial independence concepts and attitudes. Also they both consider trading as one of many options for achieving financial independence.

Jason, like Akil, is a big believer in the growth attitude. He constantly encourages his listeners and followers to make decisions that will benefit them in the long run. Rather than only for the sake of immediate enjoyment.

This podcast has very little to do with trading. But it is designed to arm you with all of the skills. You’ll need to transform your trading aptitude into a long-term company, similar to the Trading Coach Podcast.

Trading as a business is an excellent notion, but most traders have no idea what it entails.

In this podcast, Jason discusses the particular tactics and systems. Which he utilized to break out from a typical middle-class rut. And achieve true financial independence using a variety of means, including trading.

Jason’s best quality is that he not only talks the talk, but he also walks the walk. That is really uncommon in the financial sector. In this podcast, he seeks to embody all of the ideals he promotes. He’s also a fantastic trader.

If you want to follow in his footsteps and become not just a brilliant trader. But also a great businessperson and entrepreneur with a big net worth over time. Then Jason’s podcast will provide insight into how to do so.

4. A Trader’s Life

A Trader’s Life is Chat With Traders’ podcast relative is a forex podcast.

Nicholas Penrake, a merchant from the United Kingdom, hosts this brand-new podcast.

Since September of 2020, Nicholas has started distributing interview recordings in podcast format. And there are currently 20+ episodes. Each packed with insightful insights and advice from traders who have gone where we all hope to go.

I read Jack Schwager’s book Market Wizards before deciding to become a full-time trader. It had a profound impact on my life.

I was greatly influenced by reading firsthand experiences from successful traders. It presented me to the fundamentals of effective trading, all of which piqued my interest.

Also It showed me that many great traders have chosen a method to trading that suits their personality, abilities, and weaknesses, rather than having a “Holy Grail” hidden strategy.

It was instructive, inspiring, and motivating.

And it made trading seem like something that a regular guy could do. Rather than some far-fetched fantasy reserved for Wall Street’s elite. It aided my development as a trader by directing my attention to the items that genuinely mattered. And moved the needle toward my eventual profitability.

Imagine instead of reading interviews with battle-tested successful traders. Who have stood the test of time in the markets. You had the opportunity to listen to conversations between them and someone who knows all the right questions to ask. In order to extract the most valuable information from them.

To the realm of trading interview podcasts, welcome.

If you enjoy Chat With Trader, you’ll enjoy A Trader’s Life as well.

5. Trading With Rayner Show

Rayner Teo is a Singapore-based professional trader.

He worked as a prop trader for many years before going solo as a lone wolf solo trader. He has one of the most popular trading blogs on the internet. Also he has published multiple trading books, and has a YouTube channel with approximately 1 million members.

Rayner’s YouTube channel provided me with a wealth of useful knowledge when I was a new trader. His preferred trading method is conventional trend-following with a modern twist, and he is an expert in this area.

He trades larger timeframes than most traders. So you’ll find on the internet, mostly 4-hour, 8-hour, and Daily charts, with occasional weekly or monthly charts thrown in for good measure — and he’s good at it.

He provides numerous pieces of wisdom and expertise that he has gained during his path as a trader in this podcast, and he does so frequently.

The episodes are brief but frequent, and if you’re a new trader (or a trend follower), you’ll find a lot of useful information in them.

Imagine instead of reading interviews with battle-tested successful traders who have stood the test of time in the markets, you had the opportunity to listen to conversations between them and someone who knows all the right questions to ask in order to extract the most valuable information from them.

To the realm of trading interview podcasts, welcome.

If you enjoy Chat With Traders (which you should, because if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be a trader), you’ll enjoy A Trader’s Life as well.

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