What is Non-Correlation Currency Pairs in Forex

non correlated currency pairs

What is Non Correlated Currency Pairs?

Correlation Currency Pairs : Non correlated pairs move independently of one another. This occurs when correlated forex pairs currencies in two distinct pairs are wholly different or come from variously different economies.

EUR/USD and GBP/NZD are two examples. Because there is no common currency between them and these two currency pairs represent four distinct economies. They not connected (Eurozone, US, UK and New Zealand). This implies that there is a good likelihood that if one increases, the other won’t always follow.

Currency pair correlation may be quite useful in developing an effective strategy. Historically, traders seek to quadruple their gains by trading with highly linked pairings. Non-correlated Forex pairings that move in total opposition to each other, on the other hand, are also worth your consideration. This is why.

We may simply deduce from the term “correlation” that couples that correlate move in tandem, sort of copying each other. Non-correlated Forex pairings are essentially the values of two currencies that cancel each other out. Putting your reliance in opposing pairings may appear unproductive, yet in fact, such irrational manoeuvres may be quite beneficial.

The major consideration in this technique is ranking non-correlated Forex pairings by volatility. The most volatile pairs are those that can benefit from non-correlated alternatives. Because short-term volatility can pose a considerable danger to any investment, the idea used here is rather easy. When one currency falls in value, its best non-correlated Forex pairings rise, thereby reducing your losses to near nothing.


EUR/USD & USD/CHF, example two of the strongest non-correlated currency pairings for Forex trading. A trader can efficiently hedge risk exposure in one of the pairings by establishing identical positions in both pairs at the same time. Again, unlike trading correlated pairs together, which is done to boost profits, non-correlated Forex pairings that move in opposing directions are employed for short-term risk management and will not result in a big profit.

Correlation Currency Pairs in Forex
Correlation Currency Pairs in Forex

When considering risk management with non-correlated Forex pairings in the most turbulent conditions, it is critical to remember that correlation is liquid. This means that, while many pairs have historically been uncorrelated, the strength of that connection is always shifting. In other circumstances, the correlation might even reverse from negative to positive.

Traders employ tools like the interactive correlation matrix to keep their finger on the pulse of ever-changing correlation. The matrix calculates the amount of correlation between two currency pairings using a formula. For inexperienced traders, the matrix instrument is sufficient: merely glance at it multiple times during the trading session to ensure that you are headed in the right direction in terms of correlation.

However, as you go in your trading career, you may want to delve a little further and learn the roots of the correlations between various currencies. Understanding how the world’s economies interact and how this affects the monetary values of their individual currencies may be a valuable item in your trading toolbox.


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