How to Trade with MetaTrader 5? Beginners Guide


MetaTrader 5 gives unstoppable trading services to its traders. In MT5 if the beginners want to trade they want to use their real asserts. Most traders prefer MT4 over MT5 this is because MT4 has been around for the long term. But the Perks of MT5 are higher than MT4. As slowly many traders are adopting to MT5 trading platform due to its user-friendly interface and other options that are easy to adopt.

Beginners generally want to become professional traders within a short period of time. That they miss out on the process of becoming one. While a trader well versed in forex and MT5 platform undergoes many processes to attain such a state.

MT5 (MetaTrader 5 for Beginners)

To become professional in forex understand the market. Learn the strategies and implement them, the main thing is one needs to get a grasp of what shoots them the most. Use a demo account before jumping into live trading.

In a demo account, you can learn, practice and implement all trading strategies without losing your money. Once you are confident about your trading style you can shift to a live account.

Using a demo account in the Forex trading platform is the best way to learn how to become a professional trader. So it doesn’t mean that the beginners should trade only in the demo account. They can also trade in their live accounts and can make money out of it.

 If you are a beginner obviously you can also use MT5 because of its advanced model of  MT4. Brokers will refer their beginner clients to the MT5. Because widely used by traders all over the world, other than this there is no special reason to recommend this. So automatically the beginner traders will first get familiar with the MT5.

What is MetaTrader 5?

MetaTrader 5 platform released by MetaQuotes in 2010. Simply said MT5 the next-level platform, there several changes made in MT5 while compared with MT4.

 You can trade in MT5 through your laptops it will be beneficial for beginners. If you finished MT4 trading it will be easy to trade in MetaTrader 5 for Beginners the similarity between these platforms will allow the beginner traders to go with a good flow.

MetaTrader is a 100% safer platform for any kind of trading and also it is simple to use. It is a next-level platform to trade, a multi-asset in online and mobile versions. Mt5 offers us to work as a freelancer, there will not be any often slippage and freezing on the platform.MT5 is very popular among successful traders around the world.

It is free to use and we can easily download this application directly from the play store. MT5 allows you to trade stocks, money and commodities while MT4 allows you to trade only in the forex market-Centric.

MetaTrader 5 for Beginners
MetaTrader 5 for Beginners

MT4 vs MT5

MetaTrader5 is most efficient and faster than MetaTrader4. MT5 simply offers advance features than the MT4 offers, but metatrader4 is most popular among people all over the world. Both the MetaTrader are the world’s most popular trading platforms, and millions and millions of people all over the world are using it and getting benefits, gives easy access to financial markets.

MT5 used by beginners because it is easy and simple to use compared with MT4. Because MT4 has fewer trading options and little slower compared with MT5.

MetaTrader 5 offers flexible and continuous trading of Forex stocks, futures and CFDs. If you already have an account in MT4 you can maintain the same account for trading in MT5.

The main difference between MT4 and MT5 is that MT4 is an old version trading platform in Forex yet highly preferred by many traders while MT5 was developed to attract customers beyond Forex. So both these MetaTrader have equal pros and cons, it will depend on the broker you choose.

Is MetaTrader 5 Good for Beginners?

MT5 is the multi-asset platform for the new generation of traders that helps to enhance your trading experience using powerful and effective features and new trading tools.

MetaTrader5 is a widely used trading platform for Forex and CFDs. It has the most advanced features, better backtesting and analytical functionalities. It allows their traders to view charts, place orders with their broker and stream live prices.

If you are a trader in Forex then you will be very familiar with MetaTrader, so you can easily trade in MetaTrader, no matter whether you are a beginner or an expert. If you ask for a good MetaTrader from a broker he will suggest you an MT5 because in this kind of trading you will use real money so a little bit of trading experience is required, so only the brokers suggest you an MT5.


In MT5 there is a demo account is the preliminary step to do before opening a real account it allows the traders to understand and learn the trading process. The beginners can trade in MT5 without any fear with help of the broker. So using a reliable broker, websites and proper idea beginners can trade in MetaTrader5.If want to see your profit in MT5 you should go to history

To become a successful trader in MT5 the trader should have a trading plan, time management, needs, objectives according to the money and risk management, and also other factors. If he trade according to this definitely the trader will make a profit through his trading. Simply the trader should all have is the perfect plan.

Broker’s Role in MetaTrader 5

The first and foremost step is selecting a suitable broker according to your plans, with suitable schemes which will suit your plans. With the help of your broker’s you can trade in a proper way and gain a profit.

MT5 offers you great user educational tools, low fees for trading and free & multiple options for deposit and withdrawal. Here the brokers act as an intermediate between the trader those who want to trade or invest or exchange.

Can You Get Scammed in MetaTrader 5?

However, some illegal brokers will tell that MT4 and MT5 are automatic trading, extremely low risky like they will over exaggerate things, to attract the customers and they will scam their clients, so people in EA decided to do automatic trading and this lead them to burst position or lost all the funds.

So while selecting brokers you should be very careful otherwise you will get scammed easily by these fake brokers.


Simply the MT4 and MT5 are the same but MetaTrader5 is more advanced and offers content and tools through which the traders can fulfill their needs. MetaTrader 5 can be effectively used on both desktop and mobile phones these are very easy to use.

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