Is It Safe To Do Social Trading?

Social trading

Investors can now copy the actions of their preferred investing influencers thanks to the growth of social trading platforms. In a manner akin to copy trading. Social traders study the actions of successful investors and then imitate those actions in their own portfolios.

It appears to be simple enough, particularly for individuals. Who don’t want to spend hour’s independently researching stocks or other investments. But there are certain advantages and disadvantages to consider.

What is Social Trading?

An investment method known as social trading essentially entails mirroring or mimicking the trades of another participant. Social trading systems enable investors to quickly and easily check out other traders’ activities. Then replicate similar actions in their own portfolios.

It is similar to copy trading, in which one investor duplicates. The transactions or investments of another, but it is not the same. The distinction is that social trading platforms exist that created expressly for this kind of trading activity. Consequently, you may have the chance to communicate with them and learn from them to improve your own investing skills. Rather than studying an investor and then replicating their trades.

However, this does not imply that social trading is only possible through a website or app. An illustration of social trading in action is the unheard-of increase in GameStop sales during the first quarter of 2021. Because of Reddit-based rumors about the company, investors poured money into the shares. GameStop stock finally saw a short squeeze. As a result of a rise in buying interest that driven by investors from the WallStreetBets subreddit.

Social Trading
Social Trading

How Social Trading Works?

Investors brought together on a single platform for social trading. So they may discuss trading ideas and techniques. When you sign up for a social trading platform. You may look up other investors, check out their trading history, and contact them with inquiries. Then you can choose if you want to use that investor’s trading approach as your own.

Simply hitting a button you may easily use a social trading technique by mirroring the whole portfolio of another investor. In such case, your portfolio would show the same kind of trading activity.

An investor who is just starting off can use this straightforward method. However, it may also be appealing to more seasoned traders. Who wish to learn from other investors’ actions or impart their expertise to freshmen in the market.

Investors who wish to talk about feedback on ideas from others will find community. Investors are encouraged to engage with one another rather than just copying deals. Which is where the social component comes in.

It’s comparable to the difference between striking up a conversation with the history student sitting next to you to form a study group and simply copying their exam paper on test day.

Is it Safe To Do Social Trading?

Because investors heavily rely on the expertise and information of others to make trades, social trading can be dangerous. If you’ve never invested before, you might not know much about stocks or bonds and turn to a more seasoned investor for guidance. Of course, you’re presuming that they have some level of expertise.

It’s likely that you’re selecting an asset allocation that doesn’t truly meet your risk tolerance, needs, goals, or time horizon for investing, which is one sort of risk in and of itself. There are additional uncertainties around the kind of performance you can anticipate and potential fees.

You should also think about your financial situation. Only a few social trading platforms are now accessible to investors in the United States, and those that do exist don’t always provide the same investing alternatives as an online brokerage could.

For instance, eToro began by only trading cryptocurrencies but is now gradually extending its offers to U.S. investors, despite the fact that it is still not accessible in all states.

In order to determine whether social trading is a suitable fit for you if you live in the United States and want to give it a try, it’s vital to think about what the platform will let you invest in.

Depending on your risk tolerance, using cryptocurrencies as your only alternative, for instance, may or may not be suitable for you.

You may be better off continuing with an online brokerage and joining some investment forums or communities to gain the social connections you’re looking than switching to crypto, which is typically riskier than stocks.

Where Do I Begin with Social Trading?

Finding a suitable platform to use is the first step if social trading is something you’re interested in. Again, your location within or outside of the United States may affect this. You can then register for an account and look for investors to follow.

To understand more about other investors and their unique approach, it may be beneficial to follow, observe, and communicate with them through a social trading platform for a few weeks or even a few months.

When engaging in social trading or copy trading, it’s important to keep in mind that your success is closely correlated with the success of the investor you’re imitating.

Therefore, when you get to know several investors, consider their total track record. How frequently did their investing picks succeed? How frequently do they choose losers? What level of risk are they putting on, and how does it compare to the profits they are making? This might assist you in locating investors who most closely match your criteria.

Additionally, consider the portion of your portfolio that you want to set up for social trading. It might make sense to continue with a lower allocation, say no more than 5% of your whole portfolio, given the potential for increased risks. In this way if the investor you bet on doesn’t live up to expectations, you have some insurance from suffering big losses. Additionally, it might aid in cost management for investments.

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