How to Read Forex Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar

As a trader, the economic calendar is one of your most valuable companions. You will just spend one minute (or less) each day with it, but that one minute every day is essential if you want to be a consistently profitable day trader.

What Is the Economic Calendar?

The calendar lists the dates of major releases and also events that may have an impact on the movement of individual asset prices or markets as a whole. Used by investors and traders to plan trades and portfolio reallocations. As well as to keep track of chart patterns and indicators that may be impact or trigger by these events. Several financial and market websites provide free economic calendars for various nations.

What is the Purpose of a Forex Calendar?

Firstly forex economic calendar contains all of the upcoming data releases that might influence global financial markets. Elections and changes in a company’s liquidity are examples of these announcements, as are GDP and interest rate choices. Every week, there are economic events that all forex traders should be aware of. Traders can easily execute their trades thanks to the economic calendar. It assists in determining the currency pair’s volatility. This acts as a source of information for traders.

Forex Economic Calendar
How to Read Economic calendar

Using the Economic Calendar to Trade

You will have the opportunity to profit from this circumstance since volatility will follow an economic release. Economic announcements are usually publish at every month. Majority of significant releases released once a month and often reflect the previous month.

The weekly unemployment jobless claims report and the Department of Energy’s inventory report are two examples of economic releases. Once you’ve chosen a broker and trading platform, you must monitor the calendar daily as a trader

Benefits of Using Forex Economic Calendar

Risk management

Determine position to plan


Risk Management

You may prepare yourself for probable price turmoil by planning your transactions around significant economic calendar events. If data is published substantially above, below, or in line with expectations as an event on the calendar approaches, there may be a period of volatility. Understand the risk management philosophy when it comes to these trades. The risk is calculated by multiplying the difference between your entry and stop-loss prices by the position size.

Determine Position to Plan

The FX economic calendar makes it possible to plan. If a Nonfarm Payroll report is scheduled to be issued, for example, traders will be aware that this indicator has the potential to significantly influence FX markets, as indicated by the ‘high’ relevance. As a result, traders who are aware of the events’ timing may arrange their forex transactions accordingly.


Forex economic calendar comes with extra features like the customization option described earlier, which allows you to choose certain periods, create alerts, and apply filters to make it more relevant to your unique trading approach.

Every market change, no matter how tiny or large, has an influence on your trade. An economic calendar can assist you in forecasting the likely direction of a currency pair of interest. As a result, you’ll be able to create a solid trading strategy. It’s also critical that you understand what each piece of news signifies in general and for your unique trading instrument.

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