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MetaTrader 5

MetaTrader 5 for Mac is the newest addition to the Meta Quotes trading platform family, and it is a multi-asset platform that offers an unrivaled trading experience to Irish Forex traders. The MT5 trading platform for Windows, developed by Milliva Ltd, is a multi-asset trading platform that lets you trade Forex, indices, metals, and commodities all in one place.

How to Download MetaTrader for Mac?

Step 1

1.Download MetaTrader 5 on Mac.

2.To install MetaTrader 5 on your Mac, you’ll need to download and install an emulator called Play On Mac.

you’ll be able to install and utilize MT5 on your Mac OS machine.

3.Wine is a free program that allows users of Unix-based computers to run applications created for Microsoft Windows. There is a Wine version for Mac OS among all the Wine versions.

Installation of PlayOnMac

To obtain current version of PlayOnMac, go to the product’s official website, click on the Download section

Step 2

 Launch the DMG package from your system’s Downloads folder after downloading it.

Step 3

The initial start-up window for PlayOnMac will emerge. Installer begin verifying and installing the different components required for work while you click “Next.”

Step 4

XQuartz the first and most important component. This is a Mac OS application for using the X Window System. The X Window System is a set of tools and protocols for creating graphical user interfaces in Unix-like operating systems. Select “Don’t install XQuartz for the time being” or “I’ve downloaded file by myself” if you have already installed XQuartz or wish to install it later.

Step 5

XQuartz Installation is finished. First and foremost please read the relevant information (Read Me) and agree to the licensing terms.

Step 6

The Mac OS security system will prompt you to enter your account password before proceeding with the installation:

Step 7

Allow for the installation to finish. You must restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Step 8

Relaunch PlayOnMac from the setup file in the Downloads folder after restarting the machine. The first launch window will show once again. Installer will suggest you to install Micro Soft Windows fonts.

Step 9

Accept the terms of the licensing agreement and wait for the installation to finish. PlayOnMac will then be ready to use. The main window of the program will appear.

MetaTrader 5
MetaTrader 5

Updating Wine

Wine installed with Play On Mac and needs to updated. Because it is possible that it will be less reliable. it suggested that you install the most recent version of Wine.


To get the most recent version of Wine, go to the Play On Mac top menu and click Manage Wine Versions.


 A popup with available Wine versions for installation will appear. Choose the most recent version.


Move the most recent Wine version to the window’s right side. The installation process will begin.

The new version of Wine will display on the left part of the Play On Mac Wine versions management window after the installation is complete. After that, you may exit the window and install the MetaTrader 5 trading platform.

To Open an Account in MT5 follow These Steps

Following these instructions to establish an account and trade in MetaTrader 5 after you’ve successfully downloaded MetaTrader 5.

Configure the Platform as Follows

1.MT5 built up in the same way as MT4 is.

2.MT5 is a trading platform that allows you to start trading right away.

How to Open and Close Market Orders

To Place a Market Order

New Order will accessed in the menu bar or by selecting Tools New Order from the Tools menu. When you click New Order, a new window will appear. Alternatively, double-click any symbol in the Market Watch section to open the New Order window.

Select your favourite symbol, transaction size, and Take Profit and Stop Loss levels. Under Type, you may find out what type of execution is being used. The execution type is automatically selected depending on the instrument you choose and the account type you have.

Click Buy or Sell to place your purchase.

To Close

Double-click the order you want to close in the Trade tab of the Toolbox section at the bottom of the platform.

The Close Position button should be pressed.

You may also close your order by right-clicking on it and selecting Close Position. In the Trade tab, you may also just click the x next to your order to cancel it.

That is all there is to it. Your order has been successfully completed.

To Modify/Delete a Pending Order

Right-click on a pending order in the Trade tab to amend or remove it.

Select Modify/Delete from the drop-down menu.

The fields Price, SL, TP, and Expiration can all be altered if desired. Click Modify after you’re finished.

Simply click the Delete option to cancel your pending order.

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