How To Calculate Profit And Loss In Forex

Profit And Loss In Forex

It is important for investors to know how to Calculate Profit And Loss In Forex because it is simple to do so.

Investors must first ascertain the investment’s original cost or purchase price in order to compute the percentage gain on the investment. The investment gain or loss is then calculated by deducting the investment’s acquisition price from its selling price.

Investors can ask their broker for the original purchase price if they don’t already have it. For every transaction, brokerage houses provide trade confirmations, either in print form or online, that include the original buy and sale prices as well as the investment’s financial information.

How to Interpret a Currency Quote

An exchange pair consists of two components. The first item is the “basic currency.” The second item is the “quote currency”. As a result, in the case of EUR/USD, the euro serves as the base currency and the US dollar as the quote currency.

At the time of writing, the EUR/USD quote is 1.0884. Accordingly, the current exchange rate for one euro is 1.0884 dollars.

Calculate Profit And Loss In Forex

Add the original purchase price to the selling price. Gain or loss is the outcome.

Divide the investment’s gain or loss by its initial value, which is typically its acquisition price.

To get the percentage change in the investment, multiply the figure by 100.

A loss on the investment occurs if the percentage turns out to be negative since the market value is less than the original purchase price, also known as the cost basis.

There has been a profit on the investment if the percentage is positive since the market value or selling price is higher than the initial purchase price.

Lets See How To Calculate Profit And Loss In Forex

Estimating Profit

Currently, the EUR/USD exchange rate is 0.9517/0.9522, where 0.9517 represents the sell price and 0.9522 represents the purchase price. Five is the spread.

Take the example of selling 10,000 EUR at 0.9517.

Accordingly, you exchanged 10,000 EUR for 9,517 USD (10000 EUR * 0.9517 = 9,517 USD).

Following your transaction, the EUR/USD market rate drops to 0.9500/0.9505. You choose to purchase 10,000 EUR at a rate of 0.9505 (9,505.00 USD = 10,000 EUR).

10,000 EUR were sold for 9,517 USD, and 10,000 EUR were then purchased for 9,505 USD.

Your earnings are $10.00 USD.

Profit And Loss In Forex
Profit And Loss In Forex
Estimating Loss

You can see that the current exchange rate is 115.00/115.05 (where 115.00 is the sell price and 115.05 is the purchase price) for the USD/JPY. Five is the spread.

You choose to purchase $10,000 at 115.05.

As a result, you spent 10,000 USD and earned 1,150,500 JPY (1,150,500 JPY = 10,000 USD * 115.05).

You decide to sell back 10,000 USD for 114.45 (10,000 USD multiplied by 114.45 equals 1,144,500 JPY) when the market rate of USD/JPY drops to 114.45/114.50.

10,000 USD were purchased for 1,150,500 JPY, and 10,000 USD were then sold for 1,144,500 JPY.

The math for your loss is 1,150,500 – 1,144,500, which is 6,000 JPY.

Keep in mind that you must translate your loss from JPY to USD.

To Convert this sum to US Dollars

6,000 JPY x 114.45 is $52.42 USD or

6,000 JPY * 1/114.45 is equal to $52.42 USD.

Pips, dollars, and cents are used to calculate gains and losses

Here are a few examples that illustrate the process for figuring gains and losses on foreign exchange.

We’ll start by presuming that the euro will appreciate in value relative to the dollar. As a result, we purchase 100,000 EUR/USD units at a cost of 1.1000. In order to execute this transaction, we are effectively paying 110,000 dollars to purchase 100,000 euros.

Say the exchange rate increases by 100 pip to 1.1100.

Our original investment of 100,000 euros is now worth 111,000 USD. We have a profit of $1,000 after deducting our investment of 110 000 dollars.

As a result, each pip is worth $10.

Or, let’s say we predict a drop in the euro’s value relative to the dollar. We exchange 100,000 units of the EUR/USD pair, or 100,000 euros, for 100,000 US dollars. At the quoted currency rate, 100,000 euros will buy $110,000 in US dollars (100,000 * 1.1000 = $110,000).

Assume that the market changes in our favour. EUR/USD decreases by 200 points to 1.0800.

We can profitably close out this trade. The new exchange rate of 1.0800 dollars per euro is used to convert the 110,000 dollars we currently own back into euros. At the new currency rate, the 110,000 dollars are converted back into 101,851.85 euros. To calculate the profit, deduct the 100,000 euros that were expended to open the transaction (1,851.85 euros).

It is necessary to convert the 1,851.85-euro profit back to dollars at the current rate of 1.0800. To obtain a profit of $2,000, multiply your profit in euros (1,851.85) by the exchange rate (1.0800). The 200 pip movement between the two means that each pip is now worth $10.

Calculating gains and losses in foreign exchange is as easy as repeatedly translating one currency into another, despite the math initially appearing complex. Foreign exchange trading is nothing more than exchanging one currency for another at the going rate in the hopes that you may return the transaction at a later date at a more advantageous rate, making a profit.

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