What isHopes of Christmas


The confident expectancy of what God has promised is referred to as hope. Our concept of hope is generally something simple like, “I hope this goes well,” or “I hope you feel better,” but there is an urgent need for hope in 2020!

We hold out hope that schools will reopen fully, that the economy will recover, that families will not lose their homes, and that parents will not lose their jobs. Of course, we wish for the epidemic to be over and for the globe to be at peace. This year has been filled with disappointment and dread, but at the end of the day, we have hope in God’s promise, which we see plainly through Christmas.

We are thrilled to be able to provide hope to the community this holiday season by offering a drive-thru experience as part of The Lights of Christmas.

It will look different, but it provides some promise for normalcy in these time of uncertainty. We want our community to be optimistic about the future. The drive-thru event will provide an opportunity to reunite the family and avoid cancelling another tradition.

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