Kaanum Pongal Wishes to Celeberate

Happy Kaanum PongalĀ 

Pongal is a major harvest festival in Tamil Nadu and Kaanum Pongal is the fourth and last day of the Pongal celebration. With Kaanum Pongal, the Pongal celebrations draw to a close.

Kaanum Pongal is an ancient Tamil event that takes place on the third day of the Tamil calendar month of ‘Thai.’ In honour of the famous Tamil philosopher and poet Thiruvalluvar, Kaanum Pongal is also known as ‘Thiruvalluvar Day.’ People socialise or visit one other’s homes on Kaanum Pongal, which is a day of leisure and enjoyment. In Andhra Pradesh, Kaanum Pongal is known as ‘Mukkanuma’ and is commemorated through cattle worship.

Enraged Shiva cursed Basava, telling him that he would have to till the fields to help people grow more food.As a result, this day is associated with cattle.

Pongal’s final day is known as Kaanum (or Kanu) Pongal. Leftover sweet Pongal and other food, as well as betel leaves, betel nuts, and sugar cane, are spread out in the courtyard on a washed turmeric leaf on this day.

The women of the home do this ceremony in the name of their brothers, requesting prosperity for them.


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