Happy Bhogi Festival Greetings

Bhogi Festival

“In Bhogi, smoulder your past and usher in the new year with fresh hopes and dreams. To everybody, a very happy Bhogi”

The ‘Bogi’ or ‘Bhogi’ celebration is held on the first day of the ‘Pongal’ festival. On this day, Lord Indra, the God of Clouds and Rains, is honoured. Lord Indra is respected and worshipped because of his abundant harvest. As a result, the area is rich in resources and prospers. As a result, the day known as ‘Indran’ is also known as ‘Bogi’ or ‘Bhogi’. People clean their homes from top to bottom, collecting all of their unnecessary belongings. They usually spend their time at home with their families.

Every house is scrubbed and whitewashed, from the most wealthy to the most modest. After they’ve been cleansed, homes are decked with ‘Kolams.’ White rice paste and a red mud outline were used to create these floor designs. To decorate ‘Kolams,’ five petal pumpkin blooms are placed in lumps of cow dung. Before the end of the day, fresh rice, turmeric, and sugarcane harvests are brought in from the fields. This is done in order to prepare for the next day.

On the first day of paddy harvest, a special pooja is performed. Sandalwood paste is applied on ploughs and sickles to honour the sun and the earth. They then used these holy instruments to chop newly produced rice.

During the Bhogi festival, Lord Indra, the deity of rain and lord of lords, is honoured. The Bhogi Mantalu ceremony, in which undesirable household items are tossed into a bonfire made of cow dung cakes and wood, is conducted on this day.

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