What is Forward Market in Forex

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Forward Market

A forward market is where the clients can book their orders for future delivery. It is commonly refer to the foreign exchange market, but it may also relate to stocks, commodities, and interest rates.

How It works?

Forward contracts created through forward markets. The forward contracts intended to used for both speculative and hedging reasons. Forward contracts exchanged between banks and between banks and their clients.

The Forward and futures contracts are available in the forward market. Forward contracts can tailored to the needs of the holder, whereas futures contracts are more uniform in terms of maturity and order size.

Consistent profit in Forex
Consistent profit in Forex

Forward Market in Forex

Swaps used to price and execute interbank forward foreign currency markets. This means that currency A acquired in exchange for currency B for delivery on the spot date at the market rate at the time of the transaction. Currency A sold vs. At maturity, currency B is worth the original spot rate plus or minus the forward points; this price decided when the swap initiated.

Mostly from the spot date the inter-banks will work for straight days like a week or month. Maturities between three and six months are among the most common, while maturities of more than 12 months are less liquid. Amounts are typically in the millions of dollars, but can reach billions of dollars.

Clients, companies and even financial entities can make forward with bank counterparty such as swap or out right transaction Although the price is the spot rate plus or minus the forward points, no money is exchanged until the maturity date. Absolute advances are often for odd dates and amounts, but they can be for any amount.

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