Forex Automated Trading Strategies

Forex Automated Trading Strategies

Passing control over to a Forex automated trading system can be effective, when it comes to trading Forex. Use of a robot removes the emotional element of trading and allows an individual to be absent whilst the system trades on their behalf. Automatic, or algorithmic, Forex trading strategies refer to the different tactics and methods of trading an automated system can employ to generate the highest possible profits for the trader. In this blog let’s see about Forex automated trading strategies.

In algorithmic trading, a specific trading strategy is translated into code and can be left to run without a human present. Traders must decide a strategy that works best for them. There are many tried and tested rule based automated strategies that are readily available from brokers or third party suppliers, but some individuals prefer to create their own.

Things to be Considered When Deciding on a Strategy

If you work full time you probably won’t want to risk employing a strategy which involves hundreds of trades being made during the working day. A certain level of monitoring is recommend when using an algorithmic system, so you may wish to go instead for less trade frequency over a longer period.

While going for high-frequency strategy, you will find that commissions build up very quickly, so you need to have the capital there in the first place to fund your trading. Algorithms don’t work well if they are continuously fiddle with. At the same time, it’s important to keep an eye on things to make sure the market conditions haven’t changed so drastically that the algorithm won’t work, you must choose a strategy that you have confidence in enough to leave well alone.

Common Types of Trading Strategies

Inflation, war, political unrest, natural disaster, elections and bank talks, to name just a few, all have an impact on the world’s currencies. News based trading strategy involves the algorithmic system reacting to news wires and generating trade signals based on what is happening in real-time.

Trend Based

This is one of the most straightforward strategies and involves following market trends. Trend is where a price is moving in a certain direction. The automated system may take a long position when the trend is going upwards. When there is a downward trend, the system is likely to go short. Which means selling off the security to purchase it again later at a lower price.

Forex Automated Trading Strategies
Forex Automated Trading Strategies
Average Price Reversion

This strategy works on the understanding that historical returns. And asset prices will at some point returns to their average levels. This strategy attempts to capitalize on dramatic changes in the price of a security. With a view to it returning to its previous position. Average price reversion strategy can apply to buy and sell.

Traders can make a profit on surprise upswing and then save on anomalous lows. It pays to remember that there are no guarantees in Forex trading. And that includes a return to a normal pattern. Uncharacteristic highs could return to a normal pattern, but equally, the high could be cause by certain events which throw things off-kilter long term.


One of the most valuable aspect of using an automated system is its ability to operate at a pace no human could. Scalping is the method of using an automated system to potentially make hundreds of thousands of trades in a fraction of a second.

Arbitrage is the term given to purchasing an asset in one market for a certain price and immediately selling it for a higher price in another market. In market inefficiencies this method does relies. The trade is profiting through the exploitation of price differences on the same or very similar financial instruments across markets.

How to Choose a Trading Strategy?

If you are looking purchase a ready-made strategy. It is important to establish the key logic behind the strategy, and the description should leave you feeling well informed. Be wary of the market a certain strategy suits. The majority of strategies are only effective if matched with particular market environment. You should find a strategy that works best on the particular market you are targeting.

Backtesting is the process of testing a trading strategy on historical data. It can provide statistical feedback on averages, not profit or loss, annualized return, volatility measures, risk adjusted return and more. When evaluating the effectiveness of strategy, it is easy to get caught up with individual trades. This strategy is going to make thousands of trades. So it is important to look at the wider picture, rather than focusing on the trades as individual details.

What is the Best Automated Forex Trading Strategy?

The best strategy for you will largely depend on your needs. And what you hope to achieve from your trades, so there is no one-size-fits this question. It will also be affect by how much money you have available to trade. And the level of risk you are comfortable with.

There are several brokers that offer demo accounts, if you are unsure of which strategy would be best for you. This will enable you to develop and test out different strategies without risking real money. When carefully applied, automated trading strategies can help to minimize losses and may help to maximize profits.
No matter how careful you are, you should always be aware that there is a risk involve with trading. There is always the chance that you will lose money. There are five commonly recognize types of trading strategy and the effectiveness of them will vary depending on your situation. Your needs and the amount of money you have available to finance your trades. They are news based, average price, trend based, scalping and Arbitrage.

Final Thoughts

The Forex market has become increasingly popular given its ‘open all hours’ status. What better way to make the most of a market which stays open longer than a person can comfortably trade. Than enlisting the help of an automated system. Choosing an algorithmic trading strategy can be difficult. But as long as you don’t deviate too heavily from how you would manually trade. And you do vast amounts of homework to thoroughly understand what the algorithm is capable of. You will be on the right path to finding a strategy that works for you.

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