What are Exotic Currency Pairs? How to Trade It

exotic Currency Pairs

What is Exotic Currency pairs?

Firstly, Exotic currencies not commonly utilized in worldwide financial transactions or widely traded in foreign exchange markets. A lightly traded currency referred to as an exotic currency in foreign exchange. Exotic currencies are illiquid, have little market depth, are very volatile, and trade in small amounts.

Trading an exotic currency can be costly due to the huge bid-ask spread used to compensate for the lack of liquidity. Exotic currencies not considered significant currencies. Since they are difficult to trade in the foreign exchange market, let alone in a traditional brokerage account.

Exotic currencies commonly associated with developing or emerging market countries. They are also frequently subject to partial or complete exchange rate regulations, making them nonconvertible.

Exotic Currency

The Thai baht, Uruguayan peso, and Iraqi dinar are examples of unusual currencies. The US dollar, the euro, the Canadian dollar, and the Swiss franc, on the other hand, are all big currencies that come from industrialized countries with large economies and trading links.

Exotic currencies are affected by different factors than main currencies. A major currency’s fate is determined by the state of its economy and the interest rate difference, but exotic currencies are frequently affected by changes in the political scene. An unusual currency will decline rapidly during times of political unrest.

Exotic currencies, in addition to having less liquidity, have increased volatility due to the fragile nature of the connected country’s economy. As a result, investors who want to trade them will need bigger margins in their brokerage accounts to accommodate for any major negative changes in the currency rate.

Exotic Currency
Exotic Currency pairs

Exotic currency pairings consist of a major currency coupled with the currency of a rising or powerful but smaller economy from a global viewpoint, such as Hong Kong or Singapore, as well as European nations outside of the Euro Zone.

Because these pairings are not traded as frequently as the majors or minors, the cost of trading them might be greater. This is due to the lack of liquidity in these markets.

EUR/TRYEuro/Turkish Lira
USD/SEKUS Dollar/Swedish Krona
USD/NOK  US Dollar/Norwegian Krone
USD/ZAR  US Dollar/South African Rand
USD/DKKUS Dollar/Danish Krone
USD/HKDUS Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar
USD/SGDUS Dollar/Singapore Dollar

Buying and Selling Unusual Currency Pairs

Any broker can be used to trade exotic currency pairs. You have access to MetaTrader 4 and also more than 40 currency pairs when you open a live trading account.

Perform due diligence on the currency pair you are interested in opening a position on, including fundamental and technical analysis.

How to Start a Trade Rare Currency Exotic pairs

Firstly, Establish a real or demo forex trading account.

Get MetaTrader 4.

Also Locate the foreign exchange pair that you want to trade.

On “New Order,” click or tap.

When prompted, choose the volume and type of execution you want, and then touch “Next” or “New Order” to restart.

If desired, enter a stop loss or take profit and choose “Buy” or “Sell” accordingly.

What Information is Required Prior to Trading Exotic Currency Pairs?

Firstly majority of emerging market currencies have some characteristics. They respond strongly to changes in US interest rates, expectations, and risk taking (e.g. in a risk-off environment, traders and investors will generally favour the safe haven currencies and move out of emerging market currencies).

When trading exotics, it’s also important to keep in mind that they are far less liquid and have higher volatility than majors.

The OTC foreign exchange turnover of the USD/EUR pair accounted for 23.1 percent of daily forex transactions in 2016, accordingly studies by the Bank for International Settlements. To put that in perspective, the USD/RUB, one of the more well-known exotic currency pairs, had a daily trading volume of just 1.1 percent.

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