When to Move form Demo to Live in Forex Trading

demo Account in Forex

You Feel Comfortable with Your Forex Account

You should feel at ease with every part of your Forex trading platform. Ideally, you want to develop a screen that is both friendly and visually appealing. Your Forex account should be with the same broker that you wish to use for actual trading.

You don’t want to open your computer to find an overpowering tangle of charts and graphs. You must be familiar with all areas of your Forex trading platform before committing to a Forex live account and trading with your own money.

Ready to do Trade Live

Forex Demo accounts are entertaining and helpful to a degree. If you think you have learned everything you can from demo Forex Account in trading and the prospect of getting started/the thrill of ‘the game’ excites you, it may be ready to start real trading.

Confident with Trading Strategy

Going live entails dealing with real money and making actual deals. Before making the switch, you must resist the impulse to experiment with your plan.

The sample account is where you may experiment with different strategies and find one that works for you. Only when you have a strategy that you are confident in, as well as an understanding of the analysis tools and indicators, should you proceed to live trades.

Your strategy will change and adapt as you gain experience with live trades. However, that is a natural evolution that should not be forced.

Profit or loss
Forex Account
Risk Management Techniques

 It is a widely held view that successful trading is the consequence of strong setups and a solid risk management technique. Events in the trading industry occur that make the markets unpredictable.

For a newbie, these situations may cause you to doubt your abilities and approach.Before proceeding to live trading, make sure you have your non-negotiable set of risk-reduction guidelines in place.

It Should Include the Following

A time limit on how much time you may spend trading

The much you are willing to lose on a daily basis

When should you quit trading after a losing streak

Maximum possible drawdown

Understanding the concept of stop loss

You should also use the risk management tools provided by your platform.

You Are Consistently Profitable

It’s fine if you lost a few transactions on your demo account. It most certainly has little to do with your abilities and everything to do with the ever-changing market. Trading is not a get-rich-quick plan, and profit should be a long-term goal.

Instead of focusing on massive wins, utilise your expertise to locate high-probability setups or trades with favourable reward/risk ratios.

You should review your profit every month to evaluate whether your methods are working and make changes as needed.

It is not a healthy or sustainable technique to evaluate your successes at the conclusion of each trading day.

Invest Fund

To get started in trading, everyone who is serious about it needs a reasonable quantity of money. Investing in equities necessitates a large initial investment, whereas spread betting necessitates a smaller initial investment.

You should also have a dependable savings account as part of your risk management strategy. The savings account is not a backup trading fund, but rather a safety net in case you need assistance paying your bills.

Decided What Kind of Trader You Want to Be

Trading Strategies are Classified into Four Types

Day traders are those who purchase and sell stocks and shares in a single trading day. This is a short-term strategy, and the securities can be bought and sold many times in a matter of hours.

Another short-term technique is scaling. The trader makes several deals and gains from little price swings.

Swing Trading

Swing trading is holding the securities for a short period of time (anything from a few days to a few months) before selling the stock and profiting from forecasting the price change.

Position trading is the practice of holding a security for a lengthy period of time (often three years or more) before selling it for a profit. Before you go to a real account, you should be clear on the sorts of traders you want to be.

A sample account allows you to test all choices, making it simple to choose which ones best suit your plan.

You should Understand the Importance of Patience

It takes time and determination to build a varied and lucrative trading and investment portfolio. Learning and honing your skill are also important.

Understanding the importance of patience is an indication that you are ready to trade in real time.

You are convinced that you have allotted adequate time before making the move:

1.understand how to use all of your platform’s tools

2.keep an eye on and comprehend the marketplaces

3.gain and lose experience on your demo account

4.comprehend signs and indications

5.create your trading strategy

You’re Not in it for Easy Money

Just as you realise that trading requires patience, you also recognise that rapid successes are extremely unusual.

Legitimate trading and investing do not provide sudden success tales or fully stocked bank balances.

A trader who is ready for a live account has a long-term financial strategy and understands how long it will take to realize any genuine success or money.

You Are Dedicated to Lifelong Learning and Development

Trading necessitates on-going research. It continues even when you close your demo account.

As a trader, you must:

Keep current with any technology advancements that alter the way you receive and read data. Constantly monitor the markets for happenings that may have an influence on companies or indexes.

Actively endeavour to improve your understanding of analysis so that you can keep ahead of trends or spot them early. Look for possibilities in emerging areas and sectors.


The transition from a demo account to a live account is both terrifying and exhilarating. But only you can tell when you’re ready. Feel compelled to make the move even if you are not ready.Make the decision for the wrong reasons.

Forget about your plan being the key to your success.With your sample account, you may make as many mistakes and try as many tactics as you like.Invest time in learning about the industry.

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