What Trading Blogs to Follow Before the Start of Forex Trading



When TradingstrategyGuides.com was founded, its sole goal was to prevent novice traders from losing everything by making poor choices. Its objectives centre on enabling people to improve their own life through financial stability.

It also recognizes the hazards associated with trading and aims to alert novices to those risks. In the end, it enables choice-making that guarantees readers can profit from Forex trading in a safe and reliable manner.

It ranks among the best Forex trading blogs for beginners in our book due to its emphasis on traders’ personal life.


Discipline is the fundamental characteristic that distinguishes successful traders from unsuccessful ones, according to Tradeciety.com. It provides what it calls a “boot camp” for novice traders. The website’s counsel assists in fostering the values and knowledge that traders need to succeed on their path.

Because it doesn’t offer money for nothing, Tradeciety is one of our top Forex blogs for beginners. It teaches new traders that trading needs effort, tenacity, and hard work just like any other employment.

However, it highlights the benefits that successful Forex traders can receive, and we’re all for that.

Trading with Rayner

It’s a good place to start that TradingwithRayner.com strives to weed out the rubbish from Forex trading advice. It offers a lot of free guidance for novice traders. Additionally, it recognizes that readers might not have a sizable quantity of initial money.

This emphasis on accessibility is a fantastic place to start. Many of us who start trading Forex do so because we want a better means to sustain themselves, but it does not imply we have the initial capital.

Rayner makes an effort to convince novice traders that it is wise to memories every cost-cutting technique prior to making investments. Rayner is one of our top Forex trading blogs since any successful business strives to minimize losses while maximize gains.

Forex Signals

The website Forexsignals.com acknowledges the paradox in its title. It understands that relying solely on basic Forex signals won’t bring you financial success. Why then the name?

Experts who are aware of the forces underlying the signals are included on the website. They want to help new Forex traders understand those indications, in other words.

It has the most watched Forex channel on YouTube and provides a challenging training to aid new traders. They enable players to not only join the game but also to succeed and continue to succeed.

Both novice and seasoned traders should study it because of its attention to detail.


Blogs to Follow : This blog has been around 9 years and it gives a clear idea about investment. Forecast free investment blog gives information on the investment blogosphere. It gives clear and proper information about what is trading and a fixture financial status.


This blog is the leading platform that gives daily news analysis indicator charts. It is one of the best trading blogs among various trading blogs. The research website called FXCM it is the worlds leading forex trading portal for news analysis. It Provide chart formation with live currency quotes, technical analysis timing, updates on every latest change in the market.

Blogs to Follow
Blogs to Follow
Forex School Online

Customers can understand the ideas behind the lingo at forexschoolonline.com. It essentially covers everything a novice trader has to know to keep their head clear.

You should go here if concepts like “bearish candlestick patterns” strike you as ridiculous.

Although some people find jargon to be off-putting, it is necessary to give a simple term to the intricate mechanisms involved in working with currencies. If you want to succeed as a trader, you must comprehend these dynamics.

So take out your notepad and begin writing! One of our best blogs for forex trading is Forex School Online because of its great education for new traders.


It is the largest financial information site in the world with 20 million visitors and 60 million page views. It is one of the famous financial educational websites in the world. They provide correct trustable financial information to the investors and are powered by a data scientist team and financial experts.


Forex street is a leading blog with information on real-time analysis of forex trading which gives all information and it is one of the leading real-time sources for forex trading. It offers exchange rates, charts, calendar, technical market analysis on trading every day.


Forex factory is best website for trading so far arguably and It gives complete information about the trading market .

Some of the famous traders having profile in forex factory, it gives strategies for trading in spite of level and type of the trader.


Zero hedges is famous trading website in the world with more than 505k followers. It also gives information about political and finances on the trading market and is written by a collective of writers called as Tyler Durden.

Blogs to Follow
Blogs to Follow

Forex indicator is a compilation of strategies, systems, technical and fundamental analysis, and mt4 indicator of forex trading market. we can also see scaling such as trend, price action, and reversals of the trading market.


Lite forex shares information on technical and fundamental, strategies, financial, cryptocurrency market analysis from professionals’ opinions.


Hotforex analysis is the brand name of HF market group who online forex and commodity offering various account options, trading software, trading tools.

Refer our website/blog on further information’s and daily updates on trading. We provide you verified news, information’s and daily updates on trading market.

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