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Best forex offer in Milliva

What is a Forex Bonuses?

Forex Bonuses Explained

Brokers offer a variety of forex bonuses as forex offer. Active traders gets bonus awards. Once money deposit process is over the others are deposit to your account.

When you complete a trade, some bonuses are known as rebates and are credits to your account. Regular bonuses, on the other hand, may require you to first open a certain number of trades in order to qualify for the bonus.

Forex Bonuses Offer Types

Before I tell you where to look for the best promotions and special offers that various brokers offer, you should first understand what a Forex bonus is.

A Forex bonus is a regular promotion offered to either new or existing customers who have already register’s on a website. These bonuses come with no strings attached, such as paying or doing anything specific.

Your only responsibility is to complete an official registration on the website. Some of the bonuses, on the other hand, require you to make deposits into your account. But first, let’s look at the various bonus types. It may be simpler for you to understand what a bonus is, what the best Forex bonuses are, and how to use them.

Deposit Bonus Forex Offer

As you might expect, a Forex deposit bonus is a bonus ties to the deposits you make. Typically, such a bonus is available to all customers. The only requirement is that you make a deposit – either an initial or subsequent one on the website. You cannot, of course, apply for such a bonus if you register on the website.

Remember that the Forex deposit bonus is usually express as a percentage. So here’s an example to give you a flavour of this type of special promotion on a foreign currency exchange platform.

Assume you are eligible for a 50% deposit bonus and make a deposit of $100. When you use one of the available payment methods to make the transfer, you will have not 100, but 150 $ in your account to trade with.

No Deposit Bonus Forex Offer

Like the previous type of bonus, the Forex no deposit bonus links to the deposits you make. However, the broker allows you to not make any deposits or risk any of your money while still having the option to trade on the website. In short, the website gives you money as a reward for making your first trades on it.

The Forex no deposit bonus is said to be the best type of Forex bonus ever. And while you are not putting anything at risk or investing anything, you can still trade and even win.

If you use the no deposit bonus and lose, you do not lose anything and you owe nothing to the broker. On the other hand, if you win, you will receive your reward without having to pay the broker for the money you were given to trade with.

Welcome Bonus Forex Offer

The welcome Forex bonus, like the no deposit bonus, is only available to new customers. So, if you are an old and regular client of a broker, these bonuses are not available to you; however, you can still use the deposit bonus.

The welcome bonus attracts new clients by giving them the opportunity to test the broker without risking too much money, but with a specific amount of money provided by the broker. On the other hand, a welcome bonus can be either no deposit or a free deposit. It is usually determine by the Forex broker’s policy.

Free Bonus $50 Forex Offer

The free bonus of $50 is only available to new customers. This bonus is not available existing or regular clients; however, you can still take advantage of the deposit bonus. The free bonus of $50 encourages new clients to test the broker without risking any money by using money provided by the broker.

On the other hand, a free bonus could be either a no deposit bonus or a welcome bonus. This is usually determine by the Forex broker’s policy.


Milliva is a forex brokerage that offers many advantages like bonus benefits to their clients to encourage the traders experience in forex trading.


New customer will receive Free bonus $50 in Milliva, regardless of how much you invest you will receive this type of bonus with or without making any deposits. The client will receive $50 as soon as they create an account.


STEP 1: Fill the form which is available in live account, if you don’t have one. Log in to traders office using the credentials you have set up.

STEP 2: Upload your identification documents, the approval process might take 2 trading days

STEP 3: Click the Free bonus option to redeem it.


Clients of milliva will receive 50% bonus every time they make a deposit. There is no restrictions for this type of bonus.


STEP 1: Open account in Milliva forex trading and choose the account type that suits your forex trading style.

STEP 2:  Deposit in your forex trading account using any payment option available. The deposit amount needs to be atleast 100$.

STEP 3: Now activate deposit bonus 50% and increase your investment by gaining 50% of the amount you deposited.


The referral bonus offered in Milliva can be used every time you refer someone. It can be a friend or family anyone related to you willing to get involved in forex trading.


STEP 1: To take advantage of the referral program, you must first be a Milliva customer.

STEP 2: When you log in to Milliva, you’ll see a ‘Refer a Friend’ section with a link. Share the link with your friends. The link includes a one-of-a-kind identification code. so all of your friends who sign up with milliva will benefit from it.

STEP 3: Once you have referred a friend, you will be rewarded with a referral bonus.

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