Best Forex Mentors in the World

Best Forex Mentors in the World

There are lots of benefits in trading Forex, but it is complex form of investing to take on. Better results can be yielded from Forex trading, even though the risk associated with it. First you should do as much research as possible, study the market, and learn as much as one can to stay on top of high yields. Choosing the best Forex mentors to follow doesn’t a difficult task.

As we all know Forex can be little tough to get into, but it doesn’t have to be. From Forex beginners can benefit significantly, it can also yield high profits, high liquidity, and fantastic returns. But you should always remember that Forex can be volatile and risky, though. To understand Forex trading better beginners can follow tutorials, read books, take classes, and can do everything as much as they can. Another tremendous way to get ahead in Forex trading is follow mentors.

What Does Forex Mentors do ?

There are a few key things an eye out for before following a Forex mentor or purchasing an educational product from them. A good mentor should be trading for themselves, instead of employing other traders to trade for them. A mentors will be very successful at what they are teaching, and they should be very motivational and inspiring.

A best mentor will always focus on risk management. It certainly doesn’t make sense to become a Forex educator if you are not willing to talk about how risky the market can be. A mentor should be respectful of all trading styles.

Ezekiel Chew

Ezekiel Chew is the founder of Asian Forex Mentor, a training group for Forex traders. In industry his mentorship has widely been known as the best, he has experience and known for how that many Forex influences do not quite have.

At Asian Forex Mentor Chew is the main Forex coach. Traders can enjoy a comprehensive and personalized approach, through his program. The includes the basics and complexities of Forex, starting from the very basics of Forex. Through this trader can learn how to identify trading systems, read chart patterns, use trading tools, interpret charts, understand trade management methods, and so on.

Clay Hodges

Clay Hodges the founder Ronin Forex group. He is popular for helping traders to find resources to gain funding via outside capital. His process of teaching will be very personal, if you decided to work with Ronin Forex Group, Clay opts to train each of his students personally. The ultimate aim is to create independent and self-assured traders.  

His aim is to teach traders about the trading psychology, as well as many different types of Forex strategies. His programs also offer trade setups on a daily basis.

Chris Hunter

Chris Hunter is the founder of HunterFX, a trading community and mentorship program. The aim of Chris’s platform is to create a light, fun, and simple trading environment where traders can note only feel right at home, but also learn the nitty gritty of Forex trading and network with one another.

Traders can choose to engage in copy trading or fully immerse themselves into a mentorship program. HunterFX will be the best option if you willing to learn about Forex trading without constant stress of overcomplicating and too-advanced courses. This group on trades off of price action, and they teach their traders how to leverage the liquidity of the market to get the best profits.

Best Forex Mentors in the World
Best Forex Mentors in the World
Roman Patterson

Roman Patterson founded Phoenix Capital Group. This new and still-under-construction Forex mentorship company is worth following and waiting for. At present there are about hundred members in their trading chat platform. For new trader’s Roman produces weekly market breakdowns as well as trade analyses and ideas, via his premium chat which can be accessed.

On monthly basis his service has been consistently profitable with their Forex trades, so the proof is in the pudding. Still the Roman’s mentorship company is working, so it is not clear what traders will learn from the program. We would recommend you to take an advantage of the company’s free one-week trial of their premium services if you want to get started at Phoenix Capital, vis Roman’s Instagram which can be accessed.

Matthew Todd

Matthew Todd is the well-known Forex traders out there, because of his famous YouTube live sessions. He founded the Todd Capital Group, which offers a mentorship service. You can follow Matthew if you want to get his Forex advice, his YouTube channel constantly updated with educational videos.

Todd Capital Group has a pretty hefty community of traders from around the world that aim to help new traders find their way. If you are looking to take his mentorship program, you can expect a stricter approach to mentorship, like lot of educational posts, personal motivation, and lots of inspiration.

Nick Syiek

Nick Syiek was well-known for his following on social media, and he is also an influencer, investor, mentors and entrepreneur. He founded A1, a trading company and mentorship program. He is one of the best Forex mentors on YouTube. His YouTube channel is popular among the new traders, where he explains about the basics and complexities of foreign exchange. Nick never lied about his successes and challenges, making him an excellent mentor o follow. If you want to access to a good trading network and access to market development news, A1 is a great program to join.

Andrew Mitchem

Andrew Mitchem is the founder and trader of “The Forex Trading Coach.” This organization is specialized for the mentorship of traders who want to become fully independent and very profitable. This global program is completely valuable and beloved by the people around the world in over fifty countries.

When taking on this program, learners will learn specifically about Japanese Candlestick analysis. Basics of charts and candlesticks are break down by Andrew. Think of his mentorship program as seeing a personal trainer at the gym. You will be doing the bulk of work, to provide guidance Andrew and the mentorship team will be out there.

Vladimir Ribakov

Vladimir Ribakov is a professional Forex trader and coach. Traders Academy Club, is the name of his trading club, and he also runs a Forex blog loaded with trading educational materials. His club has grown quite a bit in recent years and offers a ton in the way of educational materials, trade ideas, chart breakdowns, and live trading room sessions. If you want to access webinars as a new trader, his club is definitely worth looking into.

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