Advantages in Forex Trading Partnership With Milliva

Advantages in Partnership With Milliva

Partnership in Forex Trading with Milliva

Milliva follows an partnership program “Introducing broker”. Why Milliva has this program and what are the advantages of this particular program for forex trader. We will discuss about this in this blog.

What is Introducing Broker?

A futures broker that has a direct customer relationship. But assigns the task of the floor operation and trade execution to another futures merchant. Typically a futures commission merchant—is an introducing broker (IB) (FCM). Typically, the IB has a relationship with the FCM either as a direct subsidiary of the FCM or as a separate organisation that partners with the merchant firm.

Introducing Broker in Milliva

An introducing broker (IB) is a futures broker. Who deals directly with clients while giving floor management and transaction execution to another futures trader. Frequently a futures commission trader (FCM). The IB is frequently linked to the FCM, either directly or as a distinct company that is connect with the merchant firm.

There are no initial costs associate with the “Introducing Broker” (IB) affiliate program, which is accessible to both individuals and organizations. You only need to direct potential customers to our business, or direct them to us via social media, online forums, or blogs, to start earning affiliate commissions on all of your clients’ purchases. a statement

Milliva is a trustable worldwide broker that provides its clients with a partnership program to help them enhance their potential earnings. Also We want to assist you every step of the way with our consistent and dependable service.

Forex Trading Partnership Advantages

The “Introducing Broker” affiliate network is free to join and is geared toward both individuals and businesses. All you have to do to earn affiliate commission for every sale made by your clients is to directly promote our company to them or locate them on social networks, message boards, or blogs. An account manager is assign to each IB. IB receives account manager’s assistance in growing their business.

Licensed and Regulated: Milliva is totally transparent and accurate, with success reports audited by Price water house
Coopers and operations spanning many regulatory frameworks.

Excellent Trading: More than 250 products for trading that includes award winning execution speed, exceptionally small spreads and customizable leverage.

Withdrawals & Instant Deposits: Milliva’s financing offering a methods in convenient, safe, and offer local payment alternatives

Advanced Investment Alternatives: Traders in a cutting-edge copy trading software Milliva Invest may learn from experienced Strategy Managers. Learn more about being a Strategy Manager.

Exclusive Trails: Milliva Encouraging Investors by Conducting leading programs such as Milliva super partnership programs

Multilingual Customer Service: Excellent Customer care service provided by our friendly customer service representatives who speak more than 7 languages.

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