5 Things You Must Know about Milliva Forex Before Entering to Trade

Milliva forex

Milliva is a famous forex broker around the world. Also popular for their safety and user friendly platform. There are few things every trader must know about Milliva before entering to trade. We will discuss about every things you must know about milliva in this blog.

Who is Milliva LTD:

Milliva is a forex broker with advance trading platform. Also Highly safe and secure. Gives lot of advantages to their clients. We have always put our clients first. Milliva is the best MT5 forex  broker.

Why Choose Milliva?

Around the world, Milliva is a well-liked and quickly growing trading platform. It is a challenging task to offer a trading platform that is easily usable and comfortable for everyone, but Milliva has succeeded in giving its clients access to a trading platform that is incredibly safe and transparent. Both novice and seasoned traders are encouraged to use this platform.

By providing high leverage in accordance with account type, making deposit and withdrawal options as straightforward as possible, and introducing continually new and exciting plans like Welcome bonus, New deposit bonus, Withdrawal bonus, Free deposit, and so on that all encourage their clients to trade and earn more profit, Milliva makes Forex traders more sustainable in their trading.

Due to the straightforward and quick manner of transaction, customers do not have to wait days for their transactions to be finished. They offer the most sophisticated trading platform currently on the market, the MT5 white label trading platform. It is accessible on the Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac operating systems.

5 Things you Must Know About Milliva:

How to Open a Trading Account in Milliva?

Significantly customers can trade a variety of instruments on Milliva MT5 trading platform, including currencies, indices, metals, and cryptocurrencies.

Milliva offers Two Different Types of Accounts:

A live account can be accessed.

How can I Open an Account?

You must adhere to these few easy procedures in order to open a trading account on Milliva:

Total, there are 4 types.

Windows MT5


Android MT5

Istore MT5

Windows – MT5:

Select the account that you want to create.

Go to the live/demo trading account link.

You’ll be taken to a page with a form to complete.

Give the form the proper, accurate information.

After accurately filling out your information, click Register.

Your trading account will be successfully created in less than 5 minutes if you follow those simple steps.


The procedures listed below should help you install Metatrader 5 on your Mac.

You must download and set up the PlayOnMac emulator.

You can then install and use MT5 on your Mac OS computer after that.

Out of all the Wine versions, there is one for Mac OS.

PlayOnMac installation

Visit the official website for the product, navigate to the Download section, and click the link for the most recent version to install PlayOnMac.

Android – MT5:

Go to Play Store, choose your Play Store icon, and type “MetaTrader 5”.

Check the logo (icon) before you begin downloading.

Enter “Milliva Ltd” in the server search bar, then when the server pops up, choose Live or Demo Server (real for genuine accounts, demo – demo for demo accounts).

When the server displays, type “Milliva ltd” in the server search window and click on Live or Demo Server (live for genuine accounts, demo – demo for demo accounts).

You should already be logged into your account if everything is done correctly.

On your smartphone or tablet, you can use this link to access the Metatrader 5 trading app.

Istore – MT5

By choosing your AppStore icon, navigate to Search.

Start the download after checking the icon (logo).

Enter “Milliva ltd” in the server search window once the server has appeared, and then select Live or Demo Server (real for genuine accounts, demo – demo for demo accounts).

Log in using an existing account or create a new one.

If you have correctly completed each step, you will already be signed into your account. You can access the Metatrader 5 trading app from here on your smartphone or tablet. Wishing you luck in your trade!

Milliva forex

Introducing Broker IB – Partner with Milliva Limited:

Partnership between Milliva and Introducing Brokers

The main and primary reason we chose to work with Milliva as our IB partner was because they offer specialised technical support and client services around-the-clock, every day of the week. This helps to significantly reduce maintenance expenses while still assuring the system’s reliability and security.

Receive up to 60% of the Net Spread Revenue from the transaction volume of your client and up to $25 a lot from the net revenue generated by each trader you suggest.

Referral Bonuses: Raise your revenue by introducing us to new partners and spreading the word about us. 25% of the commission that your sub-affiliate earns goes to you.

Easy access to numbers and trends for tracking and analysis.

Tight Spreads: The most favourable trading conditions and spreads ever

Multi-Tier Up: dependent on your referrals, there are 5 levels of benefits.

Auto Rebate System: Rebates can be manually and individually modified for each client. Direct client deliveries of auto rebates are made.

Zero setup costs: Start over and pick up where you left off with no setup costs.

Quick & Secure Transactions: You can conduct transactions at anytime, anyplace, and in a secure manner.

Unlimited Commissions: There is no cap on the referral commission. More referrals mean more money for Milliva.

Spreads Begin at 0.01 – Milliva.

The spread on the Milliva FX trading platform begins at 0.01. Since direct trading is made possible by Milliva’s narrow spread, the quotes they offer are close to market rates.

Milliva Provides High Leverage.

The leverage ratio on the Milliva FX trading platform is 1:500. The ability to conduct successful transactions is the key advantage of trading foreign exchange with benefits.

Types of Bonus Offers:

$50 Bonus Free:

New Milliva customers will get a free bonus of $50 no matter how much money they deposit. With or without making any deposits, you can take advantage of this deal. The customer will receive $50 as soon as they open an account.

First-Deposit Bonus 50%:

A 50% deposit bonus is available to all Milliva customers. Any client’s initial deposit into their milliva live trading account will be eligible for the bonus. This offer is only good for your initial deposit.

Deposit Bonus 30%:

Customers of Milliva will start getting a 30 percent bonus on any successive deposits, so you’ll start getting a reward on your second deposit.

Referral Bonus:

You can make use of the Milliva referral bonus each time you refer someone. A friend or family member can be any relative who is keen to engage in forex trading.

Visit us : www.milliva.com

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